Genota Research Companion is an event based software tool for family and local historians, biographers and researchers in general.

The concept behind Genota Research Companion is to record the occurrence of an event, attaching to it all information available irrespective of source, then recording and/or linking the people either taking part or affected by the event, therefore building a complete picture of the event.

Events are occurrences in time that happen at specific locations. They are the building blocks of historical research, building blocks which together may document a person's life journey.

Events may involve individuals; they may be recorded, official or otherwise. Documents, photographs or the like may exist which relate to an event could be held by the researcher or accessible from a website.

A single event may involve multiple people, each having a different role at the event.

However, an event may not necessarily relate directly to a person, but may include a happening that affects an individual or group of people, e.g. a family moving location because a war broke out nearby their home.

Then there is the situation of how do you manage people expected at an event that are not present? 

Most events that have a major effect on peoples’ lives are often documented and can be documented from many aspects or points of view, and may appear in countless references. Using a birth for example, a birth may be referenced on a birth certificate or register, a baptismal certificate, a hospital or church record, or a family bible.  It may even the appear in a local newspaper, or mentioned on the birth, death, or marriage certificate of a family member.

Each of these potential sources point to a single event and each of these sources may relate to different sets of people and may be documented in a variety of formats, e.g.  a certificate, copy of a certificate, a photocopied document, a register, a website, a photograph, or an electronic image, etc.

The accuracy and reliability of these sources needs to be discerned by the researcher but the most important criteria being that all sources must be recorded, or to quote Carol Baxter from her publication HELP! Historical and Genealogical Truth, “Unsubstantiated genealogy is mythology”.

Linkage linked software programs and on-line family tree building websites are great for recording researched information specific to individuals or family groups.

They are not designed to be research tools.

Some may provide the facility to print a questionnaire or research log to enable the collection of information to overcome this shortcoming, but again these are also designed around the individual.

Some software packages incorrectly refer to Events as Facts, but there are important differences between an Event and a Fact:
  • A Fact remains an Event until proven with much certainty, and

  • An event may be supported by a number of facts, e.g. referring to a death certificate, the event is that a person died, however the facts may include the date and place of death, where the person had resided at the time of death, the name of a clergy, etc. 

Essentially, lineage linked programs record a collection of events organised around individuals. Some packages may provide a facility where an event can be shared across multiple people but this often requires those people to be recorded as entities, an activity not often undertaken where a person is not a family member.  Similarly, events that are not directly related to a person cannot be recorded.

Only by recording events, their details, sources, and associated documents, can the researcher:

  • Truly analyse their data for recurring combinations, or groups of people, or related people (not only those blood related),  
  • Cross check information with any degree of certainty, to ascertain if evidence exists or not,    
  • Review the reliability and quality of any supporting evidence or documents,    
  • View all events associated with a person as well as their role and relationship at each event, and
  • View the timeline for an individual.
The Genota Research Companion is designed for the recording and storing of events and their details as they are discovered. Information can be linked to any individual or source, and supported by searchable and direct access to documents, files or images stored anywhere on a computer.

Genota Research Companion provides the researcher with a total view of an event from any perspective in terms of who, what and where.

Genota Research Companion is available in 2 versions; 

  • Standard Edition -
        Free lifetime use 
        Limited functionality
  • Premium Edition -
        License required 
        Full functionality 

 Some benefits of Genota Research Companion are:

  • Common information does not have to duplicated
  • Provides the ability to examine an event and view all people, sources and documents associated.
  • Provides the ability to examine a person and view all events that the person participated in, and their role at each.
  • Facilitates recording notes for an individual specific to an event in addition to general notes for each event.
  • The recording of alternate names and notes for locations.
  • Provides the ability to view all persons or events associated with a specific location.
  • Facilitates recording of those people not at an event that would normally be expected to be attending.

The Premium Edition is obtained through the purchase of an upgrade license from the Purchase page. Purchasing an upgrade license unlocks the 

Advantages of upgrading to the Premium Edition include:

  • Access to restricted areas found in the Standard Edition:

    Batch Loading of Documents
    Merging of Events
    Merging of People
    Importing Gedcom Files
    Remote Assistance
    Backup of Data Files
    People Detail Report
    Location Detail Report

  • Access to the Customer Area of the website which provides

    User support forum
    Additional downloads such as
        PDF versions of user guides
        Previous versions

  • 24 hour email support

Genota Research Companion differs from lineage linked and tree building software in that:

Lineage Linked software packages

  • Are structured around individuals and familiy groups
  • Events not related to individuals cannot be recorded
  • Events and sources shared by multiple people generally need to be duplicated for each person
  • Cannot record people expected to be at events
  • Are not designed to be research tools but information repositories for researched information

Genota Research Companion

  • Is structured around events 
  • Can records events not related to individuals can be recorded
  • Events and sources shared by multiple people are recorded only once
  • People expected to be at events but not present can be recorded for later research
  • Enable the viewing of information from various perspectives
  • Is designed from the ground up for the recording of research information, verified or otherwise. It is not only an information repository.

Latest Versions


Version 5.8.4 (Build 45)
Released: 6 June 2017

Genota Forms

Version 2.6.4 (Build 3)
Released: 15 October 2014

Research Companion

Version 2.0.4 (Build 18)
Released: 21 January 2018

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