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This software is a research assistant for family historians enabling the storage and management of all types of form and/or list based information in a single application.

It is designed to enable to linking of user defined Forms to people, locations, documents and files stored on master files, enabling common links to be readily identified and/or extracted for further analysis.

Underlying Genota Forms are Templates which define the Forms available for use. A starter set of Form Templates is provided with Genota Forms to assist users familiarise themselves with the program.

In addition, users can create their own Form Templates very simply with the assistance of the Template Wizard. User defined Templates may be designed to replicate the structure of original documents, or to assist in recording and managing information to specific requirements.

Once the Form is created, the family historian can transcribe certificates and the like, or load raw data from an external file into the Form.

Form Templates can be modified and information can be reordered as required with no loss of information. This, coupled with the ability to search on any data element within a Form, and the capacity to link locations, people and documents to each Form, or multiple Forms, means that information is never far from the user's finger tips.

A typical use for Genota Forms would be to record all the details from birth, death and marriage certificates. Rather than having to subject the original certificates to possible damage due to to over handling, once recorded in Genota Forms, it is easy and efficient to access all documents based on a single criteria, view the details of each and even print out or e-mail the details to share with others.

Key Features

  • Create unlimited Forms with any number of fields to meet almost any requirement.
  • Not locked in to a finite set of Forms.
  • Create separate database files enabling segregation of information.
  • A simple to use Form Wizard to guide in the creation of new Forms.
  • Define field labels reflecting those used on original forms.
  • The ability to create and exchange Form Templates with other Genota Forms users.
  • Version 1 templates supported. Wizard driven import of form, person and location information.
  • Full search facility across all Form fields.
  • Search across all forms at once and return a list of all forms and fields meeting the search criteria.
  • Easy to use wizard to facilitate on-line updates.
  • Group form, person and location information based on any field.
  • Create spreadsheets from all list information to facilitate analysis.
  • Copy and paste nominated field information into spreadsheets or word processor documents.
  • Import information on persons or locations from Legacy family files and other external sources.
  • Link person and location master records to a single or multiple Forms.
  • Report on single form item or all items related to a Form
  • Download additional Form Templates from the on-line Template Library.
  • Customisation facilities include Active Backup,
  • Default Database selection
  • Active development program with progressive updates.
  • 24/7 e-mail support with guaranteed 24 hour response for Genota Forms Premium customers.

Latest Versions


Version 5.8.4 (Build 45)
Released: 6 June 2017

Genota Forms

Version 2.6.4 (Build 3)
Released: 15 October 2014

Research Companion

Version 2.0.4 (Build 18)
Released: 21 January 2018

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