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Welcome to the home of Genota and Genota Forms. These products are designed to assist the genealogist and family historian alike in managing their research effort. Neither product is designed to replace the lineage linked software that you may currently use, but to manage all of the information collected over time that is not accommodated by lineage linked software packages, especially that not associated with an individual, external documents and files.

Try both products and then visit the Contact Us page to send your feedback. All comments are appreciated as without them it is difficult defining the requirements of our valued customers.


Initially launched in 2003, Genota is a free form research organiser designed to assist genealogists and family historians maximise their research effort by enabling them to gather, organise and manage the seemingly endless array of information collected though research, whether it be in electronic form or transcribed from archive resources, letters, e-mail, etc, or it can be simply used for managing unconnected miscellaneous information.



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Genota Forms

This is a research assistant for family historians enabling the storage and management of all types of form and/or list based information in a single application. It is designed to enable to linking of user defined Forms to  people, locations, documents and files stored on master files, enabling common links to be readily identified and/or extracted for further analysis.

Underlying Genota Forms are Templates which define the Forms available for use.

A starter set of Form Templates is provided with Genota Forms to assist users familiarise themselves with the program. In addition, users can create their own Form Templates very simply with the assistance of the Template Wizard. User defined Templates may be designed to replicate the structure of original documents, or to assist in recording and managing information to specific requirements. Once the Form is created, the family historian can transcribe certificates and the like, or load raw data from an external file into the Form.


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Latest Builds

Genota 5

Build 5.1.3 (Build 10)
Released: 5 Feb 2016

Genota Forms

Build 2.6.4. (Build 3)
Released: 15 October 2014

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